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What Causes Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a common problem faced by many people all around the world. There are various reasons behind hair loss. Let us look at some of the major causes and their remedies:

Hormonal problems may cause hair loss. If your thyroid gland is under active or overactive, you will suffer the problem of hair loss. This hair loss generally can be cured by treatment of the thyroid disorder. Hair loss may occur if androgens (male hormones) or estrogens (female hormones) are out of balance. Clinical treatment of hormone imbalance may stop your hair loss.

Pregnant women may notice hair loss problems with in a period of about 3 months after delivery. Hair loss problem is also related to hormones. During pregnancy, high levels of particular hormones cause the body to keep hair that would normally fall out. When the hormones return to pre-pregnancy levels, that hair falls out and the normal growth and loss cycle starts again.

Some medicines (mainly sulphur drugs) can cause hair loss. This type of hair loss problem improves when you stop taking the medicine. Medicines that can cause hair loss include anticoagulants (also known as blood thinners), medicines utilized in chemotherapy to treat cancer, medicines used for gout, vitamin A (if too much is taken), birth control pills, and antidepressants.

If you have undergone a major operation or have suffered a prolong illness you can face the problem of hair loss. However, this hair loss is related to the stress of the illness and is temporary.

Certain fungal infections can cause hair loss. Generally, children may have hair loss problems caused by a fungal infection of the scalp. This type of fungal infection can be easily treated with antifungal medicines.

Conclusively, hair loss may occur as part of an underlying disease, such as lupus or diabetes. Since hair loss may be an early sign of a disease, it is important to consult a specialist to detect the cause so that it can be treated at an early stage.

Natural Hairloss Cures | Hair Again | John Kelby

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Natural Remedy for Hair Loss in Women – Effective Ways to Treat

Natural remedy for hair loss in women can really help them in eliminating the condition for good. If you are one of these women and wanted to have the best solution to get rid of your hair loss, you should know that natural methods of curing hair loss can be applied for you to enjoy your life free from any negative conditions.

Natural remedies include different treatments that may be found in your home and you can utilize it readily. Although several treatments for hair loss are already out now in the market, you should know that treating the condition in natural ways can really help you to eliminate any side-effects from affecting your life. Some of the treatments when it comes in treating hair loss may impose great side-effects to you; therefore, you should also know other alternatives that may help you in treating the condition.

Women are very delicate when it comes to their hair. As much as possible they wanted to have gorgeously-looking hair throughout their lives so it can really affect them if they will suffer from hair loss. As a result, it can affect their work in a major way and it can result for their self-confidence to decrease. Also, it can affect them perspective towards life because they will become more conscious on what are the things other people will say to them.

Natural remedy for hair loss in women includes the use of different herbs that can really help them to treat hair loss. You should know that foods you eat can also make way for your condition to further worsen if you will not eat healthy foods. Having a proper diet may lead for you to effectively eliminate any signs of hair loss from further spreading.
Also, massaging your scalp regularly can help you to stimulate all the hair follicles on the head. In this way, it can stimulate blood circulation on your head, making way for your hair follicles to function more efficient, therefore giving way for your hair to grow more effective and more efficient.

Natural remedy for hair loss in women can help you to re-grow your hair effectively and successfully. However, you should know that doing this on a regular basis can really help you to speed up your effort in alleviating hair loss. Natural ways to re-grow your hair can really help you with your condition and what is more important to that part is that there is no need for you to have any side-effects you may get in comparison with chemically-based medications.

Natural Hairloss Cures | Hair Again | John Kelby


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